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ShowCard                    Base Price                     $225

This includes the primary photograph, description and specifications of vehicle, and assembly of ShowCard. 
Sorry for the price increase, but the cost of materials has gone up significantly.

First additional photograph or image *                 $15

Any additional photographs or images *              $10  

* Check with Suze before trying to calculate this into an estimate. Many images can be added free of charge depending on amount of adjustments needed.

Custom Background  or  Custom Shadows        $15

Spider Feet®    (Set of two)                                $60 

* Because of the popularity of the Spider Feet®, we no longer offer the aluminum easel.  If you still prefer, we can suggest online and retail establishments where you can still purchase similar easels we offered.

Custom Prints                                                       Call or email

Prices do not include shipping.  (We do not charge for handling!)  This is calculated at the time of completion so the client pays the current rate.

Prices are subject to change without notice.