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Q) Why do all show-boards seem so expensive?
A) A lot of time goes into the creation of a ShowCard, even the simplest. Cropping and enhancing photographs properly takes time, which explains why adding photographs that need adjustments add to the cost. This is also why Suze insists on you contacting us before you order your ShowCard. If a photograph doesn't require too much work it may be added without additional cost. At ShowCards by Suze, we use only the best materials, so you get what you pay for.

Q) How long does it take to get a ShowCard by Suze?
A) Depending on how complex your Card is, how quickly your response back to us is, and how quickly you need it, most ShowCards take approximately 7 to 10 business days, once you decide on a design. Suze can usually give you a more accurate time when you order.  Remember, we treat each ShowCard to protect it from UV and seal it.  We make sure everything is dry before going to the next step.  Having to redo things because of rushing only adds more time to the equation.

Q) I'm not very good with taking pictures.  Do I need to take the photographs or can you use photos I already have?
A) In most cases we can use your digital photographs. We prefer higher resolution so the output is the sharpest when enlarged, but we have been very successful with resampling lower resolution pics. For those residing in the Baltimore County, Maryland and surrounding areas, or those participating in shows we may be attending, we'll be happy to arrange a photo shoot so we can take the pics for you. If you have a print you want to use in a ShowCard, we may be able to scan it for use. Check with Suze regarding this.

Q) Why do you use PVC board?
A) Unlike sheet stock like Foamcore® and similar products, which are laminated foam between paper or thin plastic, PVC board is a solid, lightweight plastic sheet that is less susceptible to moisture. PVC board is also stronger, more durable, and more resistant to bending.  While some material is lighter, it is also more likely to be affected by Mother Nature.   

Q) What information should I send you for inclusion on the ShowCard?
A) This depends on you!  How much do you want to say about your car?  What specifications do you want to mention?  Will a judge know what is stock and what modifications were made?  Will the spectators?  In many cases we can help by researching data about your vehicle.  If you need some help on what you may want to include, contact us for our "Spec Sheet".