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Important:  Make sure you have contacted Suze by email or phone first.

Contact Suze to discuss your ShowCard.  You will be dealing directly with Suze, not an assistant.

Suze will be able to give you an estimate into the cost of your ShowCard.  As we have said, don't be afraid to tell her exactly what you want.  The price may surprise you.

Once you decide to have Suze do your ShowCard, there is a non-refundable $25 deposit.  (This deposit will be deducted from your final invoice.)    

Suze will provide you with one or more proofs of your ShowCard.  At that time, you can add or subtract images and/or items.  Also, if you have a preference in edge color, let us know.

Once you approve the ShowCard, you will receive your final invoice.  Suze will create your ShowCard and it will be delivered to you, or you can make arrangements to pick it up.

Don't forget to consider how you want to display your ShowCard.  We strongly recommend the Spider Feet®.