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Is your car, truck, or airplane so much a part of your life that you want a painting of it hanging over your mantle?  Maybe not.  But what about in your garage or office?

There are many pilots that have paintings of their aircraft done by Suze.  In fact, Sir Richard Branson has a print of the original drawing of 'Dream Chaser', a speed record prototype boat, she was commissioned to create.

If you are interested in having a true original, Suze works in water colors, acrylic, oil, pastels, inks, pencils, charcoal, and artist markers.

They make great presents!

If you have other graphic and fine art needs, contact Suze.  With a background in marketing, fine arts, commercial graphics, and advertising, she should be your choice.

Suze's cover design for the novel 'For Love Nor Love' from Friesen Press.

'Down and Dirty' an award recipient from the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum.